The Mobility Revolution

From the perspective of the millennial. Download our report


Beyond Covid-19

Meeting young people. A journey through lockdown. Download our report


Approach to online communities

In recent years, the online platform has grown in strength and presence as a tremendously versatile and dynamic tool for...


It’s all about digital transformation, isn’t it?

How many years have we been hearing about the digital transformation and how absolutely necessary it is for business to...


Always look on the bright side of Covid-19

I know, it is devastating, unprecedented, shocking and many more adjectives that I could go on listing, but the question...


Ethnography, new technologies and opportunities for qualitative market research

Introduction Ethnography is the cornerstone of Anthropology and, by allusion, of Social Sciences. Ethnography is a lot of things at...


International Market Research

What is International Qual research? During my nearly 20 year career as an International qual researcher in the UK and...


Semiotics and Market Research

What is semiotics? And what use is it in market research? For the first question, we might answer that, within...


Qualitative research vs. quantitative research, or simply market research

Well into the 21st century, we can categorically affirm that the relationship between consumers and brands has been redefined, if...