Arpo: your trusted focus group recruitment agency

focus group recruitment agency


Are you thinking of hiring the services of a focus group recruitment agency? If the answer is yes, at Arpo we have extensive experience and fully qualified and specialized professionals to find the best participants in this market research methodology.

The purpose of a focus group is to analyze and capture the opinions of those who participate in it about the products, campaigns, or services of a specific company. These are usually between 5 and 10 people who exchange ideas and comments, always with a moderator leading the meeting. We recommend them for those clients who want more accurate and natural responses than those obtained in other types of market research methodologies.

What are the steps we follow as a focus group recruitment agency?

We have established a series of steps to facilitate the recruitment of participants for the different focus groups that we are asked to carry out at Arpo. In addition, we ensure that all the people chosen are the right ones to ensure more accurate and interesting results for the client who has hired us:

  • Determine a strategy to reach the audience: This step is essential because we analyze the habits of the potential target audience that we want to participate in the focus group and establish the methodology to contact them. If we do not carry out this research, we may encounter problems in reaching those people we are interested in having given their opinions in the contracted market study.
  • We carry out a pre-selection survey of the candidates: With this, we manage to filter the most suitable people to participate in the exchange of ideas and thus have a list of candidates whom we will later invite to the focus group. In this survey, we apply a series of questions that will be decisive, to proceed with the before mentioned list.
  • We invite and send all the data to the participants: Once the filtering is done and the list of participants is established, we contact them according to the strategy we have defined in the first step. For example, we can send them the confirmation and the focus group data (place, date, and time) via a phone call or an e-mail.

At Arpo we believe in the benefits for your company of conducting market research through a focus group. For this reason, we take extreme care with participant recruitment, adapted to each of our clients. If you need to find the best candidates, we are your reliable focus group recruitment agency. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will answer any questions you may have about our services.