Clt market research: Why choose this methodology?


Customer comments and feedback are essential to a product’s innovation process or its launch campaign. Unfortunately, this can be a costly and time-consuming procedure, but with the help of clt market research it is possible to make research a sensory experience for participants and obtain helpful and accurate results.

Surely, you are wondering what this type of market research consists of. Today at Arpo, we want to explain everything related to this methodology, but above all, we want to highlight its advantages.

What is clt market research?

A Central Location Test (CLT) is a way of conducting a quantitative market analysis of a product, which is done in a controlled environment, not in the participants’ homes. That can be done in a shopping mall, a restaurant, a school, or a hotel, among other places. 

Because of its characteristics, it is easier to control the biases of the participants. This is possible due to the fact that you can be more involved in the process since you are in the room with them. In addition, it is one of the best methods for obtaining accurate results that are useful for research.

The reasons for performing this type of market analysis

CLT is a very helpful procedure that can be carried out quickly because the work can be done in a single day, and the results can be obtained in little more than a week. Additionally, since it is done in the same space, you can interview numerous participants in the study in a short time frame, which makes it a cost-effective research method because you will save the time and money required by other methodologies.

Also, by being able to be in the room where the products are tested, we can easily eliminate all external influences that may affect the final result of the research. That is achieved because we can ensure that all participants answer the questions logically, which can be varied according to their answers. This leads to more extensive research with more detailed feedback. 

Furthermore, experts recommend this type of procedure because we can observe the body language and comments of each participant in the study, both direct and indirect. Since it can be done physically, in the same space, it is highly advisable for market studies of products that require direct contact with them. That is because all participants can experience in a sensory way, what they have to try, which can be very useful to correctly understand their opinion, and thus be able to get more accurate results. 

If you have any doubts about clt market research or want more information about how we do it, contact us. At Arpo, we are happy to assist you and solve any request you may have.