Brand positioning research: how do we do it?

brand positioning research (UK)

When a company has not yet found its identity, the first thing it must do is define its brand. Once you have a defined your brand, the next step is to position it properly, and for this, you can rely on Arpo. Here we can offer you the best solution for your business: our brand positioning research service.

You might be wondering what brand positioning is. It is the place in customers’ minds that a brand occupies, the elements that differentiate it from its competitors. Your brand positioning should clearly define what your customers can expect from your company and what it means to them.

What steps do we follow to do our brand positioning research?

The first step before directly establishing this positioning is to evaluate and analyse the brand, to find out whether its positioning will guarantee the brand’s success and reputation in the market, or whether, on the contrary, it is on the wrong track and the problems that have been detected need to be solved. For this evaluation, we must answer the following questions to establish the fundamental criteria for a successful brand positioning:

  • Is it differentiating? If the positioning you have in mind is similar to that of your competitors, you will not stand out from them. With our analysis, we will establish the most original and differentiating elements of your brand to develop a positioning strategy.
  • Will members of your company identify with the brand? With your positioning, you must ensure that all of your employees feel identified with your business identity and brand. If you achieve this identification and enthusiasm for them, it will be a big step towards the broader positioning of the brand.
  • Will it keep your target audience loyal? Your strategy must resonate well with your clients and with your company’s market. This is essential because your brand positioning should help you to build customer loyalty and grow your customer base.
  • Is it in line with your strategy? Your mission and strategy as a company have to be aligned with your brand positioning. This is because these three elements must convey a clear message to your customers, and not include contradictions or lead to confusion.
  • Does it help your business grow? Many of our clients hope for their brand and its positioning to boost their business’ growth. Studying their brand and its positioning, and evaluating whether it will help their business to grow is one of the primary reasons they wish to conduct a brand positioning analysis. With our analysis, they can more accurately judge whether their brand positioning will generate growth or if it needs some change to do so.

Rely on Arpo for any study you need for your company

Whatever sector your business belongs to, you want it to stand out from its competitors. For this reason, at Arpo you will find different market studies to help you make decisions related to the success of your company. If you would like information about our brand positioning research service, please contact us, and we will be pleased to help you without any obligation.