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In market research, different methods can be used to obtain results which are of interest to the companies that request them. Specifically, these can be divided into two main groups: qualitative and quantitative research. The main difference between them is that the former analyses data that are not numerical, and therefore the results are defined in words, while the latter provides results expressed in numbers or graphs. Both market studies are useful, but today at Arpo, as a qualitative research agency with extensive experience, we want to talk to you about the techniques used in qualitative methodology, and, above all, highlight its advantages.

What techniques do we use in our qualitative research agency?

To be able to collect data in the correct way and thus obtain results of interest that help to guarantee your business success, at Arpo, we use the following techniques:

  • Focus groups: We personally select the people who will participate in this meeting, the aim of which is for the participants to interact with each other and discuss a specific topic. This methodology allows us to obtain information in a direct and exhaustive way because it also provides us with the opportunity to analyse the participants’ reactions and to understand what they feel and experience about the product or service we want to study.
  • In-depth interviews: These focus on a single person so that we can find out about their thoughts, attitudes, or feelings towards a particular topic. In-depth interviews are one of the most commonly used qualitative research techniques because they help you to establish possible strategies to carry out your product development.
  • Ethnographic research: Ethnographies are based on observing participants in their daily lives, to understand how they relate to each other, and what their buying habits are, among other aspects to be analysed, in an uncontrolled environment.

Why do qualitative market research?

We would like to explain why we recommend this method of qualitative research to our clients because we believe it has many advantages for all of them. We highlight the following among them:

  • It provides a greater depth of information: Thanks to the interaction between participants and moderators, who obtain more in-depth information than in other market research methods. In addition, by being able to more easily capture the emotions and attitudes of the people participating in the research, more accurate and nuanced results are achieved.
  • We can observe the real perspective of the participants: By being able to know and observe how they react to a service, product, or topic to be dealt with, we understand the reality of the people we interview or who collaborate with our study techniques.
  • We can apply different methodologies: With the flexibility of qualitative research, we can use different methods to involve your clients in the process and get direct feedback from them.

At Arpo we are your trusted qualitative research agency, do not hesitate any longer and contact us for more information about our services.