Qualitative research agency


qualitative research agency

Starting from the premise that each company is different, when carrying out a market research study we must be very clear about the methods we use. There is no single way to carry out this type of analysis, but rather, depending on the business needs and taking into account the sector and the target to which it is directed, we must assess the type of research required, which can be quantitative or qualitative. The first is one of the most common and simple for data collection and uses tools that allow us to analyze and obtain statistics based on specific contexts. On the other hand, opting for a qualitative research agency is the best way to learn about customer needs and motivations. This type of qualitative research cannot be measured numerically, so it focuses on observation and listening for a correct understanding of the users’ perspective.

Are you looking for a qualitative research agency?

Arpo helps you discover your customer’s needs, motivations, and everything you need to know about them to provide them with what they are looking for. We specialize in market research in different fields, and we have helped many brands to better understand their users and their target audience by conducting qualitative studies with them. Our job is to help you discover what makes people tick; how they think, feel and act in different situations, so that brands can better connect.

Phases of our qualitative work method

  • Immersion. Before getting to know the client, it is necessary to deep dive into the brand itself and find out what its needs are, delving into its strengths and weaknesses. In this way, we can define barriers, determine customer groups and typologies, and design research plans accordingly.
  • Exploration. By observing, listening and learning, we obtain the information necessary to understand the market, competitors, customers and the industry in which the company operates. We collect data through in-depth interviews, surveys, focus groups, UX, written or video diaries, product testing and ethnographic research.
  • Analysis. Once the data is obtained, we evaluate and decode it to get valuable results, providing the brand with information and helping it define an optimal action plan.

What are your customers’ concerns? Why do they care about these things? What do they want from you right now? What can you do with this information? As a quantitative and qualitative research agency, Arpo works to provide an answer to these and many other questions, creating an effective strategy and applying the best approach to those specific needs your company may have. If you want more information, contact us, and we will advise you personally.